I cant send eth out of my kcc mainnet

Can anyone help me send my eth out of my kcc mainnet its been stuck for months and i need help getting it out


Welcome to the community @Bfa.ezz.
Do you mind sharing a transaction hash from one of the failed transactions? We can take a look and see what may have gone wrong, so we can help get them transferred properly.


Hi @Bfa.ezz you have a KCS token?


for sure where do i find it

no sir i only have eth in my kcc mainnet

Ahh. I see what’s happening now.

You’ll need KCS to pay for the transaction fee to send the ETH to a different address.

Each blockchain uses the native currency of that chain to pay transaction fees.
KCC-main uses KCS.
Ethereum uses ETH.
Binance Smart Chain uses BNB
and so on.

Congrats on the NFT sale.


okay thank you but how much kcs do i need to buy

and how do i buy it because its not letting me press buy

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Good question. I’m not very familiar with KCC chain.

I know this exists (eth_estimateGas - method for KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) | GetBlock.io) but Im not sure of a site that implements it.

On Ethereum there’s 21 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan - but the tooling for the Ethereum chain has been around longer, and gets more attention than other chains. There is likely a similar tool for Kucoin. (I just cant make the Google magic seem to happen to find it. lol)

I’ve pinged some of the big brains around the office to see if they are aware of one.


Awsome thank you so much


@Bfa.ezz you can also use a faucet: https://faucet.kcc.io/ free KCS :smile: a few cents will be enough


Wow, I clearly need to spend some time reading about KCC. Their transaction fees look super reasonable. (the most expensive i could find in the history was ~4Gwei, which is fractions of fractions of a penny.)

All of this is kind of irrelevant given Luigi’s link: but its good learning material, so im leaving it.

Nothing quite as nice as Etherscan, but here’s a historical chart that may help estimate gas fees.

Another good tip I was given is to check similar transactions on an explorer.

This one is moving USDT, but different tokens are handled similarly on the same chain, so I would expect gas prices to be pretty close.

This can help with getting a sense for what typical fees for a specific type of transaction look like. They change with demand though. so try to find recent ones when you’re actually doing the txn.

As to acquiring them: Luigi is my personal Hero once again.


Hello Luigi do you know how to buy KCC? its been brought to my knowledge thats how to get the eth out please let me know if possible im stuck

The link Luigi posted above is called a “Faucet.” It will let you receive up to 0.0005 KCS, which should be enough for your transaction.

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Open your profile https://community.metamask.io/u/Bfa.ezz/preferences/profile enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment. I’ll send you some KCS :slightly_smiling_face:


I have uploaded my address in about thank you so much !!!

@HiroProtagonist @Luigi Thank yall both very much ive been trying to get this out since jan yall are more then a blessing i cant thank yall enough


OK :slightly_smiling_face: I sent you 2 cents

Transaction Fees is: 0.000106 KCS :smile: 0.0015$

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