Stuck transaction from KCC-Mainnet to Eth Mainnet

Hi all, I have just followed @Luigi 's guide to add the KCC Mainnet into my MetaMask and managed to see my ETH. Now I am trying to transfer them to my Ethereum mainnet where I keep all my ETH. However, seems like the transaction is currently stuck, probably because of the gas fees.

Can anyone advise what should i set for the Gas Limit and Gas Price at this moment? And also i saw the curreny is in KCS Tokens though, I dont have any. Do i need to purchase the tokens from Kucoin and then transfer it over to MetaMask?


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Hey @liquoriceee, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

First, please keep in mind that you cannot send tokens directly from network to network, they must be transferred using a bridge. To move your ETH from KCC to Ethereum, you will need to use a bridge that allows you to do that. Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base:

You will need KCS to pay for the gas fees on KCC network. I would suggest transferring KCS into your wallet to be able to do the transaction.

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hi @nakedwinnie thank for your reply, below screenshot is what it looks like. I was transferring from the KCC mainnet address to the ETH mainnet address

Are you saying that now my transaction will be stuck forever? What bridge would allow me to transfer from KCC mainnet to ETH?

Should I press the “Speed Up” button and use KCS tokens for the fees? When i click on “Speed Up” button this is what the windows looks like. How much KCS should i be adding as fees?

There doesn’t seem to be a bridge from KCC to ETH live yet, so you will probably have to send the ETH on KCC to KuCoin first, and then transfer from KuCoin to Ethereum network from there.

For your pending transaction, you can either wait, speed up, or cancel. Keep in mind that you will need KCS tokens to pay for the gas fees on KCC network for any transaction. The amount of KCS you use to speed up the transaction is up to you.

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base: