Matic stuck on the KCC Network Pls Help

Pls Help I’ve send MATIC from Kucoin wallet through the KCC network to my Metamask wallet and it,s stuck on the KCC Network.

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Hi @CoolBreaze you have some KCS? You need KCS to pay the transaction fee.


Hi Luigi,
Many thanks for the assist, that worked great. Did anybody tell U before. U are the best. :+1:


I made a mistake and transferred Matic to Metamask via the KCC network. After transferring to Metamask, I can no longer swap or transfer to another wallet.
The transaction fee is also with KCC, but when I want to transfer KCC from kucoin exchange, It writes a minimum of 2 to Metamask, and I do not have this amount. What should I do?

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Hi @Luigi, I know you have already helped many people in the same situation. Cant’ send back my Matic from Metamask to my Kucoin wallet because i need a little KCS. Can you help me please? Anyway thank you! :wave:

Hi @MrHarrison open your profile enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment. I’ll send you some KCS.

I sent you 0.000765 KCS :smiley:


@Luigi perfect! Done! You’re the best! Thanks! :wink:

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