Stuck Matic in the kcs network

Hello I did a transaction of Matic with kucoin to MetaMask(on KCC NETWORK) and I’m stuck as I can neither transfer my matic nor swap it and these were the only funds I had.
i can not bridge or swap in the MetaMask. I want to send it to the polygon network. anybody help me plz.

Wallet id: 0xA85cBDACCcc3710c49e7afce983a75fCc35fed7C


there is no swap or bridge here and i can not send it to another wallet

es there is no problem about other networks

hi. there are very few bridges that support KCS.
The easiest way is to send it back to kucoin, and then select the polygon channel when withdrawing.


another problem about geting back
1- i have no enough kcs for fee
2- my country is restericted from the Kucoin side?
what can i do

my country is restricted so i can not do anything in the kucoin. may i send them to you and you send them to my wallet?

your wallet address please

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i want to send you matic in the kucoin
any adress in the kucoin is better

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transaction id : 0x98a13167de0138cf154ab5c63f03466e632fd4c8156bf1ea5f4ff85a0010e966

my MetaMask wallet address: 0xA85cBDACCcc3710c49e7afce983a75fCc35fed7C

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i have sent to you
tnx for your help

@user2848 He sent you MATIC?

i trust butI trusted him, but he did not deposit the money.

I trusted you, but you did not deposit the money.

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Do NOT trust anybody whom you do not know.


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