I can't send BNB to certain addresses

damn pajeets are so desperate during bear market lol

any feedback on this guys?

yes, I pinned the solution

don’t seem to find, where it is ? The workaround provided by Danjm doesn’t work for me .

This solution is not working. Here’s what I am facing from long time.

After adding address, Next button is available but after entering BNB amount, it’s getting disable. Per you work around we have to change assest but later when entering amount, Next button is again getting disable…it’s like a LOOP.

Let me know if you have any other work around and when are you guys fixing this issue in production?

Issue will be fixed in production in v9.8, which should be rolled out to all users before then end of the week, maybe as early as end of day today (Pacific Time)

This is incredibly broken, I cannot use Metamask since more than 12 days.
In my case, the “next-button” becomes gray right after changing some inputs like the gas limit.
If crypto wants to go mainstream, then we need more reasonable wallets instead of half-broken browser extensions.

Just for your information:
Before this bug, I was forced to downgrade my Trezor-firmware in order to use Metamask.
Google this for information: “getting-an-error-using-trezor-maybe-you-should-downgrade-your-firmware”
The last time I checked, this shit did not work with the most recent Trezor-firmware after multiple months(!).

But with this next-button-bug, it doesn’t even work with older Trezor-firmware (so it doesn’t work at all).
How on earth are we supposed to recommend this shit to anybody instead of the most hardcore crypto-IT-nerds?

To conclude my rant with the third complaint:
Nobody sane understands why I am forced to enter some bogus-recovery-seed if all I want is to connect my hardware-wallet. The hardware-wallet already has a recovery-seed, so forcing the user to choose a new recovery-seed leads to unnecessary confusion.

is there any solution yet to this problem.

Tried this and the ‘Next’ button is still greyed out, this solution doesn’t work for me. What next?