Next button inactive binance smart chain

When I try to make manually payments , and send bnb to presale adress from dxsale , the next button stays inactive . I have increased the gas with no result

I have reinstalled metamsk on other desktop using the seed phrase , same issue

I can send bnb manually when i input other wallets adress ( lets say an address of a friend wallet) , the Next button remains inactive only when entering a dxsale presale adress ( whitelisted or not whitelisted , doesnt matter)

This issue appeared after a few month of using metamsk with no problems whatsoever

Please advice

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Solving the issue, pasted from another thread ( it works fine for me)

This is a bug that will be fixed soon. Here is a workaround that might work for anyone experiencing this problem:

  1. If you don’t have any custom tokens on the network that you are trying to send from, add a custom token. This can be any token and you don’t need to have any balance in the token.
  2. When you go into the send flow you will see the greyed out button. Before entering anything in the amount field : use the “Asset” dropdown and select a token other than the primary currency for the network. Now you will notice that the “Next” button is no longer greyed out.
  3. Now use the “Asset” dropdown to switch back to the currency you are trying to send.
  4. Enter the amount you want to send
  5. You should be able to click “Next”

We just started experiencing these exact same symptoms on our test chain, and the fix does not work. We have been able to send and confirm transactions using the Web3 library against the chain, so it’s not an issue with the chain.

Do you have any more details about the bug or potential solutions?

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@pbontas, which thread was this discussed in previously? I’m having the problem too and this sequence does not enable the Next button on any of my browsers or accounts.

the post with the pasted solution is named like bellow

[I can’t send BNB to certain addresses]

It wont allow me to paste the link

on send page click on bnb , a drop down will appear with other tokens that you already have on your wallet ( for me it worked with busd not other shitcoin) chose one token from there - the next button will change to active , and then just click again that drop down and choose again bnb .
it will work just fine