NEXT button unclickable on mobile

I am trying to send ERC-20 tokens on the ETH mainchain from one address to another (Metamask mobile to Metamask chrome extension). However, the NEXT button is simply unclickable. I tried to restart my cellphone and the app multiple times with no success. How do I get the NEXT button to be clickable and send/transfer the tokens from one account address to another address account? Thanks.

Hi @alaskaalex please make sure you are on the latest mobile version, you could update via app store depending on the mobile device you are using (iTunes, etc)

I have this same issue with latest version of the app from Play store.

@roosh is there a solution for this?


I have the same issue with my metamask for ios, latest version.
Also when I want to swap the tokens on uniswap, the tokens aren’t recognized.
In the metamask portfolio they show up, albeit in a slightly different dollar value…

What can I do?

Well, here is what I did to get the SEND button to work.

I not only had to close the Metamask app but I also had to restart my phone. I am assuming that the wallets had one or more confirmations pending in various stages. Closing the Dapp and restarting my phone seems to clear the issue with my Metamask wallet not fully working.

AS for the different rates, the portfolio may show differing prices values than you are expecting due to a time delay in Metamask obtaining the most current pricing data from the oracle it uses.

If the tok4ns are not recognized at all, then I wol simply check the contract address of the token you are wanting to buy. You can at times have two different projects with the same token callouts. However, each will have its own contract address. I would suggest that you look up the project on Coingekco or Coinmarketcap and then click on the link to one of the projects’s social sites (twitter). I would then check to see what the project’s twitter site has listyed as their website address and hopefully their ETH or BSC contract address. If you do not know how to confirm the contract address of a token you can view one of the many YT videos on the topic. I hope this reply helped you. Best of luck on our crypto adventure.