I can't send just the MKR token

When I try to send the MKR token I get thte pop-up window with the loading circle and it stays like that forever.
That happens just with that particular token, everything else works fine.
It also happens when a site asks me to approve the spending of that token, the windows just stays with the loading circle forever.

MKR token is on last place in my “assets” list if that is of any significance.


Hey, how long have you been in this situation? Has the network connection not been smooth since your last normal use? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi,I have the same problem, and it has been for several days.

Hello, are you unable to load the page when sending coin?

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Yes, not only sending MKR coin, but also interacting with contract like uniswap.

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You can see if this post is helpful to you?

I had tried to change my browser from chrome to firefox, and changed another account, they all didn’t work.

It only happens with MKR coin.

Is this not the case in other coin?

only MKR coin …

Can you send your MKR contract? Is it in the ETH chain? Let me see if your coin is regular


no, that is another problem

yes same here when trying to approve it for sites like 1inch and uniswap

You can see if the above link is helpful to you. If it doesn’t help, I suggest you clear the browser cache and try again.

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I have the same issue with MM and MKR. Every other token works, but MKR is causing MM to get stuck. It’s not an user/browser issue (tried three different browsers, also fresh installs), it seems to be an issue in MM’s code. I get this in the console if it helps the devs @Tksly:

sentry-install.js:1 Error: Unable to determine contract standard
  at h.<anonymous> (common-1.js:1:407347)
  at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)
  at a (common-1.js:1:405137)

Thank you for your answer. It seems that there are some questions here. Can you submit this question on GitHub? :kissing_heart:


It seems there is an issue about this open since march :frowning:
github . com/MetaMask/metamask-extension/issues/14187

I hope it’s fixed really soon, that is serious!


Hey @YellowOwl ,

I’ve inquired about this item, it is something being reviewed!