I can't swap jeju doge to anything

I mean no disrespect here but Metamask is kind of a gamble to use. I had a wallet previously but I forgot my password. So I tried to use the phrase to create a new wallet and lost about 200.00 in bnb when it didn’t appear in the new wallet. I went ahead and placed Eth in my new wallet and purchased JeJu doge. And I’ve watched Jeju lose value daily. Now I decided to swap Jeju to another coin. But I keep getting a message to adjust my slippage or amount. This has been going on for weeks. Metamask has taken me for about 500.00 in total since I started using this wallet. I’m starting to think by reading posts from others that this might be a scam. If you can help me out and prove me wrong I would appreciate it. If you can’t I will warn others to stay clear of your platform.