I cant use FWT (Wormhole) token moved from BSW to ETH mainnet

Hello. I moved FWT token on MetaMask from BSC to ETH mainnet throw PortalBridge. And now have 2 FWT tokens. One 0$ amount another FWT in quantity. Uniswap don’t see FWT token in quantity. What i do wrong?

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Hello @Aplet, welcome to MetaMask community!

When you bridge your tokens from one network to another you will most likely still have it shown on the network where you bridged from, but with 0 quantity 0 value. If successful, the tokens should be present on Ethereum network. Switch to that network and keep trying to check Uniswap, until you are able to swap your tokens using it. Or you could try using MetaMask Swaps directly, if you are trying to swap your FWT for something else on Ethereum network. Keep in mind you need the native coin of the network for fees.


I have them both on account on Etherium mainnet. As i understand - all questions to service PortalBridge where i convert them?

Try removing and reimporting the contract address for the token, from official channels, or for the exact token that you have to check what the issue might be with FWT, as there may be 2 different tokens with the same name.

If that doesn’t clarify it for you, you could try contacting the bridge’s project team for more support.

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Its the same token. Thanx i will contact bridge’s team.

Their support said that token is illiquid and i need to transfer it back.

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