MISSING funds- Freaked out- Issue after bridging to POLY


So I recently Downloaded open Sea and linked metaMask, I then transferred some ETH into meta…

Everything was dandy at that point, I have ETH in my MM and I was browsing O.S for some art.

I then Hit the three little dots and bridged TO poly… i think that’s where everything went wrong, It went through but all but a small amount of my funds are in my ETH wallet, Where the heck is the rest? I added the poly and matic networks manually on MM… but there is still a ZERO balance on them, i also added the wETH network and nothing there either-

Below is the TXN where i think the issue occurred.

FROM- 0xb5082b8f5afd0c8e5b212ec7c9759cc4fa26365e

TO- 0xa0c68c638235ee32657e8f720a23cec1bfc77c77

Help- My mistake for rushing through this process :confused:

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @ARG, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It does look like you have bridged ETH from Ethereum to Polygon, and the transaction was successful. Please make sure that you have imported the correct contract address for wETH in your wallet :point_down:

Meaning I need to import a token or add a network?

Both :slight_smile:

Make sure your wallet is configured for Polygon network :point_down:

After that, import WETH as a custom token :point_down:


Thank you for the information, i did everything per your steps. Added WETH as a custom token and the value is still 0.00.


That url doesn’t exist…

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@ARG dappstalks www address is SCAM

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Try importing through CoinGecko by clicking the MetaMask logo :point_down:

If the problem still continues, try these steps on our Knowledge Base:

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Thank you I was able to figure this out and my balance is showing.

Appreciate your help.

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