Polyscan bridge- lost funds :/

I used polyscan bridge to transfer my polygon Weth back to my ethereum network.

I did this via my PC after linking my MetaMask. It failed 4 times… now I have zero balance in my polygon network :frowning:

Where the heck would it have gone?? I even thought I may have transferred it into a different token on accident… so I added every token I could think of on both networks, turned on the advanced token recognition and everything. Nada!!!

Any suggestions. Really bummed if I lost 3,xxx in WETH…

Thanks in advance

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Hey @ARG, would you be able to send a transaction hash or your wallet address? That would provide more helpful information.

If the transactions have failed, the tokens should have never left your wallet.


Public address

First and foremost, please make sure you have interacted with a legitimate bridge.

From the looks of your wallet address transactions, there are no transactions that show you have interacted with a bridge. There have been recent transactions of WETH in your wallet, such as this one :point_down:

Did you confirm this transaction?

Yes that looks familiar. Where the heck did I sent it too :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It looks like you swapped your WETH to USDC, and then sent that USDC to another address :point_down:

so the USDC was sent to another address? how do i find out who was the beneficiary of that address!?

You can see where the tokens were transferred to using the Polygonscan with the same link I sent above.

well it looks like it was sent to Centre. IO That’s what the profile Says :frowning:

If this was not the intended address, it is likely you were interacting with a scam website :frowning:

Please always make sure that you are interacting with a legitimate bridge website when trying to transfer tokens from network to network. Here is an example:

You mentioned that the transaction failed 4 times. If you signed a transaction each time then and had to pay a miner fee for the transfer on the 4th transaction. Follow the last transaction hash on polyscan and click on the symbol next to the recieiving address. …The information should state that saying the wallet address belongs to a contract. If so, then your funds are in a 7 day testing period which is stipulated in the white paper for the poly-bridge converting to ETH. After the 7 days is up then the funds should auto withdraw to the wallet which you listed originally when you initiated the process.

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I feel your pain. I got drained a few weeks ago because I was trying to make a transaction on Rari Capital and Uniswap and my internet was slow or something. Like the n00b that I am, I would cancel and retry… low and behold I got charged like 4 times for gas fees. No central authority to complain to… in web2 I would have barked at the bank and my funds would have been returned. We really need to fix this. People cant be losing money on some bs.

Hey @MarlonCreative, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Sorry to hear about the troubles with the fees :slightly_frowning_face:

You are right in that there still needs to be a lot of improvements made with the ecosystem, but thankfully these improvements are actively being made, especially around scalability and educating new users.

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I used the swap fungi on to swap busd for matic. This shows in my smart chain network but not in my polygon matic network. Do I need to do something else or did I do something wrong

Thanks how do I do that?

Yeah, its a work in progress and a journey we are all on. I agree with you, we are all here to iron out the frictions and improve the design of these systems. I do, however, think that if we have a human centered, empathy oriented design philosophy, we have to make safeguards for people so that we no longer have to blame the user for losses.

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Hey @Gouldie06, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your 3k being lost or in limbo, On reddit there is a user that contacted me through DM about helping me with an issue on the polygon bridge v2 and he kept asking for my seed keys to my Metamask account, and then sent me a link to a site for me to convert, I look up who owned the URL and it was one of those anonymous forms sites where you can just make a form and send out the url. So i sent all the screenshots and DM’s to Metamask security and the contacted me back with the info about the scammer. Be careful …

again sry to hear

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