Help a newbie who can't swap or transfer out of his wallet please!

Confession - I have confused myself in attempting to get some funds to use on Pool Together.

I have bridged ETH to Polygon and can see the ETH in my wallet but now I can’t do anything with it as I keep getting “insufficient funds” after clicking on the “Approve ETH” button.

I would like to know what steps I need to take in order to transfer the ETH out of the wallet or at least be in a position to do so and stop the bridge. Again - I realise I have done something I don’t completely understand (user error!) so your help is much appreciated,

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Polygon Mainnet
  2. Select ETH
  3. Attempt send or swap
  4. Both report insufficient funds for gas.
  5. Attempt to send MATIC funds into wallet and they arrive but onto ETH network and so are unavailable on POLY

Happy to add more detail for those that understand this more than I do but any help would be massively appreciated. Thanks!

You need to transfer some magic of polygon chain to your metamask wallet as fuel for transfer


Hey Crowe - did you figure this out? If not, I can share some articles from the MM Knowledge Base and past posts to help!


Hi KBee. Sorry for the delay, I have been away but no, I have not figured it out so any help or pointers would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello, you can learn all the basic knowledge in the knowledge base of metamask. I believe it will be helpful to you :point_down:

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Hey Crowe99,

No problem! to confirm

  • you bridged ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Network and see the ETH there (is it showing up as WETH)?

  • you have MATIC balance on Ethereum Mainnet but have zero MATIC balance on Polygon Mainnet?

If I followed above correctly, you’ll want to bridge some MATIC from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon because you need MATIC for gas transactions on Polygon. Once you have MATIC over, you can complete transactions on Polygon.

Sounds like even though you’re a self-proclaimed newbie, you did understand you needed to use a bridge to go between the two networks, so that’s awesome! People lose funds not understanding that, so good on ya for knowing!

See the below article from Knowledge Base. The whole thing is a good read, including the expandable sections towards the bottom. One in particular to review is “Using Bridges” since you will need to use a bridge to swap your ERC-20 MATIC 1:1 for Polygon network MATIC.

Also - another article on bridging in case anyone wants to check out -

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Thanks you so much @KBee - I will take a look and give it a go!

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