I didn't get my money

@Luigi okay, what if I sent money to this Ethereum address?

@PlayAPS are lost :expressionless: sorry… you probably have a virus in your computer and this virus changes the eth address. Try scan your computer with the Malwarebytes app…

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Hello @PlayAPS , welcome to metamask community
You may have clippers in your computer . You are advised to scan your computer for possible malware’s and virus . It swaps your address when you copy your wallet address on your computer .

Note: don’t click links or visit malicious unconfirmed websites . And mind the kind of files you download to your computer .

This wallet may be vulnerable already . Do you may need to scan your computer, delete this wallet and create a new one .

Be mindful about this next time .


hi @PlayAPS ,

As everyone has suggested, the issue is the address you’re bringing up on your screenshots is not the same as this address that you are sharing 0xEa375AfbDa5e11af6F93932ef2dcDe2Cf38768Dd . Are you positive you’ve accessed wallet address 0xEa375AfbDa5e11af6F93932ef2dcDe2Cf38768Dd before? If so, do you have another secret recovery phrase for it or could it have been an imported account?

Also have you ever accessed the account you have up ending in 8Bf1 before this time?

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