I have DAI stuck in my Metamask on Harmony One Network

I have Dai Stablecoin stuck in my MetaMask on Harmony Network.

I need a way to Bridge it from Harmony to Ethereum, I tried using Synapse protocol but the I get way less than what I have when trying to bridge.

Please help I have tried everything and cant find a solution.



Hello @anavarroma !
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Literally, your DAI is not stuck in MetaMask, but simply the bridge charges a large commission when transferring) Can you specify what in %?
You can also try to swap DAI to another stablecoin and see the result, or use another authentic bridge.

:boom: Always be digitally safe and double check the services you use


No, it’s not a commision. They are giving me .06 cents in USDC per every 1 Dai I have. Since the Harmony Bridge was hacked I haven’t been able to swap or bridge it 1 to 1 to any onther chain. I’m getting way less. Any bridge you would recommend?

Thanks for your reply btw

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Hello, most possibly, there is not enough liquidity for the swap you mentioned, and that is why you are getting a lot less. Have you tried other routes? For example, changing the DAI on Harmony to the DAI on Polygon or other networks? In case there is enough liquidity for other routes, you can first transfer the DAI tokens to other networks and then send them to Ethereum. You can also change the DAI to other stable coins and then try using a bridge, provided that there are enough liquidity for the swaps.


Hello @anavarroma, welcome to MetaMask community!

In addition to what everyone said, you can also make sure you have some of Harmony’s native coin for fees in your MetaMask wallet, and try transferring your DAI to an exchange that accepts deposits through Harmony network and from there, it’s up to you. But you’ll have to research options.


Swap DAI for ONE (Harmony network)

Send it to the :point_up_2: kucoin exchange :grin: and buy some stablecoin…


When I try swapping for ONE I get the same problem. I’m getting way less ONE (the one costs a lot more than it should)

Very strange. Will keep trying and keep you posted. Does anyone know of a centralized exchange that accepts DAI sent through Harmony network?

@anavarroma hmm :thinking: did you try the site https://bridge.harmony.one/?

But now I see :neutral_face: Hacker exploits Harmony blockchain bridge, loots $100M in crypto :see_no_evil: that’s BAD.


That’s the one that was hacked. Not sure I should use it. Tried talking to Harmony ONE on twitter but they do not respond any of my messages.

Look at the swap on Sushi swap. 1000 dai gets me a little under 5000 ONE (which is crazy). Should be closer yo 70,000 ONE for 1000 DAI. I dont know how to fix this,

I don’t use this network :face_with_monocle:
I’m looking at the reddit page :point_down:

and user NicaNinja43 writes: Because of the hack, USDC on Harmony is worth about 10% of what it was :exploding_head: 10% oh


Lost 90% of my stablecoin value.