Not sure what went wrong? Transfer DAI from MM to Polygon

So I tried to transfer DAI in MM to Polygon in MM (is that even possible?) but I think I didn’t do something correctly. Any help/suggestions?

Hey @cryptoanoobis, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Were you trying to bridge your DAI from Ethereum to Polygon? If so, make sure you have Polygon network configured in your MetaMask wallet and that you have imported DAI as a custom token.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to do. I’m pretty sure I connected the polygon network properly. I may not have imported the token at the time of the transfer. Is that the flaw? It’s imported now.

Which bridge application did you use? Check that the transaction is successful on there.

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Polygon Bridge. However, when I click on polygon wallet or bridge and try to connect via metamask,I don’t seem to get a confirmation. It just sits waiting. Yet I can connect to Poly in my MM? confused.

BTW, I appreciate the time you are spending with me on this.

Glad to be helping out :slight_smile:

There are several bridge applications you can use to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon. Just to clarify, do you mean this one? :point_down:

If so, make sure that you have followed these steps outlined:


Yes -

Am I correct in assuming that the address of my wallet on each network would change? And that I can find that address on etherscan or polyscan?

So I get to here:

But when I click on wallet or bridge, it asks to log in with metamask and then it just hangs… waiting for confirmation from metamask.

The wallet address does not change for each network. Your wallet address is the same on both Ethereum and on Polygon, and the DAI should be on the same address that you did the bridge transaction on.

From the looks of your screenshot, it looks like your MetaMask wallet is already connected. Would you be able to copy and paste your wallet address that you did the bridge transaction with here? That would provide more helpful information.

I think, somehow, I connected a different wallet address.

The address sent to:

[Polygon (Matic): Bridge]


It does appear that the address you are currently connected to is different than the address you did the bridge transaction with.

The correct wallet address is shown on Etherscan, starting in 0x33c04

yep, that’s my wallet.

but where did it go?

This is your wallet on Polygonscan, which shows no tokens or transactions in it :point_down:

Did you receive a confirmation screen why you bridged your DAI? Like this:

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alas, no.

So, the address 0xA6Be89254510C895717f9171E649316765f82833 that is connected in my MM is incorrect. How do I delete it and connect with the correct one?

Click logout and switch to your wallet address of 0x33C046CCeaC4F7C915185a14753748691aabDCFB in MetaMask and then connect again on the Polygon bridge.

so this would indicate that I have logged out. Yes?

and so, checking metamask, on the polygon network - connected with the correct wallet address

Then clicking on Connect to wallet, or the wallet or bridge buttons brings me to the login page and when I click to login with metamask, I get:

Try connecting on another browser, and if that doesn’t work try resetting your wallet. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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So I reset my wallet. But When I go to login, it still hangs. Same as previous messages.

On a seperate note, regarding the amount of DAI I sent. Does this log indicate that I sent the DAI to the polygon bridge address?