I loss all my funds in Metamask

I was in telegram and shared my keys with StableFund Support who said they could help me. I shared my Metamask keys and my address. After a few minutes all my funds were gone. Now, whenever I withdraw from Stable Fund the funds disappear. I will lose all the funds in Stable Fund if I don’t use this account. Is there a way I can use another account to stake Stable Fund and still see my investments? Thanks in advance for your time.


If your wallet is compromised and you’ve given away your secret recovery phrase there is not a good way to secure it. Could you communicate with the team, through their legit website, and ask if they could help work with you on switching addresses? You would need a brand new wallet.

NEVER share your security recovery phrase. Legit support will never ask for this. Also never input on a website or pop-up window that will ask for it. Besides for restoring your wallet, you would never input it anywhere. Also, be careful if you’re ever clicking links or files from anyone. I also would suggest never screen-sharing.

Getting a hardware wallet for the future might be something you’d want to look into.

You can try to file a ticket with Asset Reality - Learn more: https://metamask.io/fund-loss-investigation/


Here are some articles that may help for understanding security side better.