Lost all of my funds when switching to a new phone

Help needed on getting my tokens back onto my Metamask account. I ended up switching phones and when I downloaded Metamask onto my new phone all of my funds were lost. I have my recovery phrase but I can’t seem to find a way to get all of my tokens back. One would think having the recovery phrase to set the account back up would bring everything back to normal and not leave you with an empty account. Everything I’ve read and watched online hasn’t been helpful to this point so any and every suggestion y’all may have is greatly appreciated!

I already checked and still nothing. The tokens were purchased in June, don’t know if that matters on when it tracks transactions up to a certain date.

Unfortunately everything is saying $0. I’m at a loss for words. What’s the point of a “Recovery Phrase” if it doesn’t recover anything?

Make sure that you have used the same Secret Recovery Phrase on the account you are trying to access. It may also be possible that your tokens are on another account within the same wallet, which would have the same Secret Recovery Phrase.

Please refer to this article on our Knowledge Base for more information: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015289612-How-to-restore-your-MetaMask-account-from-Secret-Recovery-Phrase

You have locked my topic and created a ticket for me. I have not heard further from Support email.
Im still pending to recover my account, please don’t delay things.

Any solution to this issue?, if not I, believe metamask is scamming 2% of there customers like this and making Billions under the radar. This mostly applies to people who made more then one Account within the same Seed phrase or Secret recovery Phrase.

I am going to hire a lawyer to confront them of this issue, which has been going on for a while, effected a lot of people and they are blaming the customers that they are using the wrong Seed phrase or Secret recovery Phrase, which is not associated with that Public Account number, which is untrue most people do not have multiple recovery codes, only 1. This space being unregulated, they are taking advantage of this situation and we must hold them accountable or at least make it a pain in the ass for them.

People who are interested in joining me in this endeavour, please contact me feisal.mehmood1 at gmail


There are several reasons why this could have happened. Please make sure you are typing in the correct Secret Recovery Phrase for the correct wallet address you are trying to access. MetaMask does not have any access to a user’s Secret Recovery Phrase and will NEVER ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key.

Here is more information on the Knowledge Base:

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