I lost my coins from my wallet

I lost my coins from my wallet.

Hi there,

Can you please provide more context of your situation and what you mean?

I send USTD to wallet. That are not in the Binance Smart chain network

I send it to the address
0xF996E31CD25293dbFBff9Fa3217237F87cBFa746 This is an

Address of a Thailand wallet with a provider named Bitkub.com,

as in the picture, you can see that the adress number is the same as stated earlier.

This is my transaction. That made a mistake as mentioned above.

And this is my Matamask ID


Transaction Hash:


I send it to the address

For 0xa94F9B720F2Aa2d702dC9aa32754b36C655f476f T0 0xF996E31CD25293dbFBff9Fa3217237F87cBFa746

And this is my lost balance.
117.986545839029705215 ($117.99)

This time I sent the USTD

Transaction created with a value of 0 BNB at 13:51 on 4/27/2021.
Transaction submitted with gas fee of 383540 GWEI at 13:51 on 4/27/2021.
Transaction confirmed at 13:51 on 4/27/2021

Thank you for providing more context.

The transaction was made on the Binance SmartChain (BSC) and was successfully sent. You can view the transaction here.

Additionally, according to your MetaMask screenshot, you sent the transaction on the BSC, not Ethereum Mainnet.

According to your Bitkub screenshot, it looks like they do not support the BSC. You will need to contact their support for assistance in retrieving your tokens.