How can I get back my coins?


I deposited BNB from binance to metamask weeks ago.

Yesterday I wanted to send a transfer from an Altcoin between Metamask accounts. The problem is that I missclicked and I sent those alts to my bnb binance address. So, I dont know where are my coins.

Transaction seems to be successful. Do you know how can I get back my coins? Thank you very much

Hi, I have the same problem. I transfer tokens between metamask accounts, but in the receiver account i put the binance address. The receiver account is not used by anyone, so what we can do?

Thanks you.

Yes this is the transaction hash: 0x656beee05eb047c66edf933f8a4bb33daebb0340143d77f281b86f9d823e7d6d
And this is the receiver wallet address that has my 115 usd coin: 0x6ba2cde55FD3Fc2eAe8E811a1783A2b385304343

I think that receiver wallet is not used by anyone.

My transaction hash:


If you’re certain that it’s a Binance address, your only hope is to contact Binance customer services - but don’t hold out too much hope; they’re not super responsive, especially if the sum involved is relatively small (for them).

PS. Pjemci - your coins are on Polygon chain; double check that you have selected that in MM.