I made a mistake (I am not English speaker and new in crypto))

Hello. On 08/09/2021 I made a transaction buying 437.5 CARDANO. But I made a mistake and instead of sending them from METAMASK WALLET to ATOMIC WALLET I sent them back by mistake to CARDANO. Can you help me? I sent an email to support team cardano and they told me that: Thank you for contacting the IOHK Technical Service Desk.

For assistance with your request, please contact the support team at the platform you were using when you experienced the issue. We do not provide support for platforms we do not manage.

We appreciate your understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
The IOHK Technical Service Desk
It is a pity to lose my money like this. It is a lot for me.Can anyone help me??

How to restoring my wallet can help me?

I am new and i can’t understand everything but some idiot with whatsapp whose trying to convince me that he was metamask help department.And he said that I should told him my 12 phrase to help me.I don’t know this is ridiculous.I just made a mistake and no one help me.Cardano who was the recipient of my mistake don’t refund me back and in metamask community someone try to rob me.That nice …

Please submit a support ticket from the support link in your MetaMask app or extension.

I will try that thanks

hello @sentinel33, You can restore your MetaMask wallet, just make sure you have your MetaMask 12 key seed phrase before restore your wallet.