I need help urgently offering big $$

I just transferred ETH from my metamask to my binance account but using ERC-2 and not ERC-20! My mistake, is there any way of me getting this back or is it gone forever. If anyone can help me i will pay big money

I used the correct link, chain ID, and symbol just not the right network name. please can someone help me

did it show up? Send me the txhash or wallet address sent from–so I can look at transaction.

it must have shown up. If not message me.

sorry shown up where? wallet address for metamask?

trying to send you PM if you can help me i’ll pay you

glacierair i am desperate i don’t know how to message you on this site

Thanks so much Antonio how do i upgrade to Layer 2? sorry i’m new to this, if this works i’ll pay you

im in same boat and in it for the $$\

Hi @calebmuzz Offer here BIG money :grin: that Is not a good Idea!

Try contact Binance support:

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Thankyou Luigi, do you have any clue if my ETH is gone?

I do not know :thinking: what is it ERC-2? You have some transaction hash?

that’s what i accidentally typed in network name instead of ERC-20

Is this chain optional? Why is there still manual input?

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@Luigi i can’t find the txid from metamask it just comes up and the nonce number

Hey @calebmuzz, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

ETH is not an ERC-20 token because it is the native token for Ethereum mainnet. Did you transfer these tokens on Ethereum or another network? Is it possible that this was also WETH, and not ETH?

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