I passed eth between my two accounts (bsc to eth) but they do not appear

Pass eth between my accounts, the transaction was carried out but they do not appear in my balance, I follow the transaction and I cannot find where the error is

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Hi Nico.

I recently did the same thing, and I couldn’t see anything when I went to the “Binance Smart Chain” network in my Metamask. However, there’s another BSC network called “BSC Mainnet”, and when I checked that I found my ETH there. This was all less than 30 minutes ago, and I haven’t yet figured out what’s the difference (if any) between “Binance Smart Chain” and “BSC Mainnet”.

Have you tried this? Curious as to how it goes.

hi robin, where to add the bsc mainet, i recently send my bnb token to metamask wallet and I didnt see it appear in metamask. Thank u!

Suken, you can easily find answers to these things by searching for them on a search engine (google, duckduckgo, etc) I searched for “bsc mainnet metamask” and I found this:

Good luck!

Be sure to add the Binance network and custom token to your wallet. You can find steps to do so here.