I sent ETH to my UpHold wallet using the wrong network

UpHold said they can not help because it did not make it to them. They said you can get it back because it still shows in the BSC Scan info.

The transaction Hash is :

From MetaMask Wallet;

To UpHold Wallet;

Amount of - 0.043614982310396133 ETH

Sent on BSC Smart Chain Network instead of Etherium Network (UpHold does not except Smart Chain), so my ETH is just sitting out there waiting to be claimed at the transaction hash provided above.

How do I get it back?

hi @GSRoose11 ,

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Unfortunately, once you send the funds, there is no way for MetaMask to recover. The only way your funds will be recoverable is if Uphold adds BSC network and Binance-Peg-Eth to their list of accepted tokens.

I am not too familiar with UpHold but it looks like it’s a 3rd paty wallet and exchange that hold your private keys instead of you having them. If you were able to get the private key to your wallet, you’d be able to import the account to your MetaMask.


Hi @GSRoose11

As I see on the blockchain explorer the transaction is already successful. When the transaction is confirmed and shows successful there is nothing MetaMask can do to revert/cancel it. Usually, when the transaction is confirmed it’s mined and added to the next block. Miners are rewarded with gas fees by mining each transaction.
You can only cancel it while the transaction is still pending.


Here are some MetaMask Knowledge Base articles that you may find useful:


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