I sent Ether from Metamask to Ascendex but USDT were never received

Hi everyone, I’m helping a friend who tried to send USDT to Ascendex but now the tokens are not in Ascendex. This is what he did. He sent from this metamask address 0xDB29eb6B21ACc96D5fC611e2C60a1792f618e0A4 to this BEP20 USDT Ascendex address 0xcAA982573c474855DB6DB6eD106FE3D9E705F586 and this is the transaction ID Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

What I’m seeing is that tokens are not on my metamask wallet but neither they are on the Ascendex wallet where I originally sent to, when I login to my Ascendex account I can see I have the same address but the coins are not there.

Funny thing is that on their USDT wallets they have the ERC20 wallet where I sent the usdt to but know they are replying me this:

We do not support BUSD deposit.
When you made a deposit but yet to see the credit to your account, you can consider using AscendEX’s refund service. The cost for each request for the service will be 0.2 BNB with direct deduction from your cash account on AscendEX.

To be honest, I’m not into this of metamask and the smartchain thing, but why a USDT transaction will be sent to a BUSD address? What are we missing here? Thanks!

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Hi, i have similar problem, i sent my USDT to address USDT but it sent to a BSC address in BUSD-T, so i dont know how to recover it. I think we lost it :confused:

I did the same stupid thing. I sent USDT BSC from metamask to USDT ERC20 on Ascendex. I wrote both and I hope they will reply. Did you find any solution at the same time?