I sent my axs on metamask but it's only 0.8 and I don't have any eth because im a scholar

pls send help i just want to get my 0.8 worth of axs but gas fees seems to be worth more than the actually withdrawal :frowning:

i bought axs so that i can stake it in axs dashboard but there seems to be a massive gas fee :frowning:

Axie Infinity (AXS) is an Ethereum token and the gas fees on that network is pretty expensive. I’m pretty sure that you can’t do anything about it, just hope that the gas fee some day will drop.


I call them “gas pains.”
I use 67 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan to keep an eye on prices when I need to run a transaction. Cheapest is usually early Sun/Mon when the USA is asleep (early AM)

ERC20 token transactions have some of the most expensive fees. Its based on the complexity of the transaction. (basically, how many bits do miners need to compute?)

Staking typically requires around 20-25% more gas than an ERC20 transfer.

The next major upgrade to the Ethereum network (called “The Merge”) won’t have a major impact on transaction fees, but it does pave the way for another upgrade that will. “Shard Chains” is the name of the upgrade that will have a major impact on these fees. Unfortunately, that one doesn’t come until possibly end of the year? (It’s uncertain at this point) There are a few proposals that should help between now and then.

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