I sent TRIAS from Kucoin to Metmask using ERC20 instead of BEP20. How can I get the coins back?

Yep, I’m an idiot. Transaction Hash: 0xb87a306e51d623da90a30aaf47ff1bd9a3415a9fd5a04fab82af772d55cca528

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you manage to retrieve it? I made the same mistake. What a f*ckup!!!

yeah, i somehow managed it. I added the coin to my ethereum mainnet on Metamask, just like you would do with the BSC mainnet, but it said zero. I then connected to myetherwallet and saw the tokens in there, so i tried to send it all back to my Kucoin wallet through myetherwallet, but that transaction failed. I then went back to Metamask and that may have been enough for it to now register that the tokens were actually in its ethereum wallet, because there they were. I then sent them back to Kucoin, and once they arrvied, i resent them to Metamask using BEP20. I hope this works for you too.

I just managed to get it done via HUOBI wallet that supports both ERC20and BP. Phew…

Just in case you need to do it. Download the Huobi wallet app. and then import both your MM wallets using the exported private key. The TRIAS token will show up there.

Will send it back to kucoin from there.