I think I lost my BNB

Hello all, I recently started on MetaMask and will stay here and learn more as I go. I’m the type of person that don’t care much to read instruction manual on Christmas Day, or how to set up a smart wallet. I live by the west of my pants baby. Which is why I lose my shorts often. Well, I downloaded MetaMask and the extension for chore. And thought I was all good. But found out that’s only for the Eth side. Than I that I finally knew it all when I downloaded smart chain for BNB. It realized I only did half download when the BNB from My exchange never arrived. The first time nor the second. Help! I’m New… Mike from a Oklahoma. Thank you for taking the time to participate in our growing community.

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Hi there,

Is sounds like you just need to add Binance Smart Chain as a custom network, then your funds will show up.


Jacob hi, I wish it was that easy I did add finance smart chain and it still didn’t show up and I also added a test net hoping that would help it and it didn’t show up is there any other suggestions you have. I could use any help

I have similar but different problem so I want to ask u if you let me. I swapped BNB to ETH at pancake using Metamask. It evaporated and I don’t have funds to do anything now. Etherscan shows it is pending but the money is gone bnb is gone eth doesn’t show up. Do you know how to recover this or stop that pending activity please.

@hejon Please make separate thread for your issue.

It sounds like you still need to add the tokens as custom tokens. You can typically find the token’s contract address on Coingecko or Bscscan. Default token lists on Binance Smart Chain are not yet supported, so you have to add each token manually when using that blockchain.

I did but this popped up as similar problem.