I used the same key when transferring hex tokens from one account to another account in my wallet

i opened a 2nd account in my wallet, recently. i intended to send some HEX tokens from account #1 to account #2. stupidly, i entered the key for account #1 on both sides of the transfer. my activity shows the Hex being transferred out. but i cannot see that the Hex has been transferred back in. alternatively, MM should have voided the transfer. but that did not happen. how do i trace where the transfer went to. Many TIA.

thanks for offering to advise me… Transaction hash tag is 0xca1ed889a4a6c8bb102a36e8640c37e4d6b0a2d9931b6868edb6a12756a5a762. I can see under ‘Activities’ that the transfer of Hex went out. What I do not know how to do is to check what came in to Account 1. I did not write down the number of Hex I had to start with. I realize now that I will need to start keeping a log of all transactions.