Sent WETH from Metamask to Ledger and it didnt arrive

I was hoping someone may be able to help me.
I sent WETH from Metamask to my Ledger wallet but now its been 30 days and it didn’t arrive. It wasn’t a lot of money but I don’t want to make this mistake again and was hoping to get the funds back.
It says the transaction was successful on Polygon Scan but as I am very new to crypto I am not sure what I have done wrong.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi physiegirl, could you send your transaction hash so I can check where your funds went?

Also be careful with these people sending you random whatsapp numbers for support, that looks like a scam to me. Always use proper channels to get support, or keep the messages public, like here on the forum.

AND never share your private key or recovery phrase ever. Not to support or anyone. Whoever has that has control over all your wallet and your money.

Thank you for that.
The transaction hash is

OK, you sent them through the Polygon Network to your Ethereum wallet address. No big deal. you cannot see them in the Ledger Live app, because it is not compatible with the Polygon network, but they are there.

You can connect your Ledger to Metamask, choose the Ethereum address that has your funds, and once it is in Metamask, you can add the Polygon Network to the Networks, add the WETH token and you will be able to see them. and transfer them in the Polygon Network.

If you want to transfer them to ETH network, you will need to use a Bridge, you cannot just do a transfer between networks.

Is any of this making sense?? :grin:

Wow. It is a bit complicated. I will try my best to follow and transfer the funds back.
I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

If you do need more help, I can be more specific, but I didn’t want to give out any specific information publicly in case there are scammers looking at the forums and can target you.

If you search the forum you should be able to find most of the information. If you are stuck let me know here and I can try to help on specific points.

I will see how I go. Thanks again

Hi there,
I was able to connect ledger to Metamask, added the polygon Network and the WETH token, but I’m not sure now how to transfer them in the polygon network. I can see the coins in polygonscan but don’t know how to transfer the coins back to metamask.

Hi Physiegirl, where do you want them?
They are in your Ledger Wallet in the Polygon network. which you can see and operate with Metamask.

From what I understand you also have another wallet in Metamask, and you want to transfer it back? The question is to what network? where do you want the ETH? in ETH network, or it is ok to have in Polygon network?

Depending on this answer how to proceed.

By the way, ignore the whatsapp message, those are scammers trying to get you to send them your private key to steal your money.

I can see the coins as WETH on the polygon network but they don’t show up in metamask. I want to change the coins back to ETH and store on ledger for use in the future.

You connected the Ledger to Metamask, added polygon network, changed to the polygon network, added the WETH token and it doesn’t show any WETH?? it says 0 WETH?

Like this:

Yes. It Shows 0 WETH

It looks the same as that

make sure the address is the correct one: when you connect the Ledger it gives you a bunch of wallet addresses, make sure you choose the one that is the address you can see the WETH in the Polygon network. You might have chosen the wrong address.

I cant thank you enough. Happy to support your ideas or projects in the future. Let me know.
Have a fabulous day.

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Hello, i have a problem too. . I send eth to my ronin address. Instead of bridge . . What can i do. . Please help me. Thank you

I answered this on another post here. I cannot add links to this post but search: ‘Sent ETH from Metamask to Ronin wallet’ on the search and the first link is it, and you can see the process to add the Ronin wallet in Metamask.

I also give information on how to do the transfer correctly using a Bridge, not a direct Transfer. Read the whole thread.

What if i send it to the wrong address? Because i paste my ronin address and it’s invalid, so i delete the first part of address (ronin.). And successfully send it… .

did you replace “ronin:” with “0x”?

If the address doesn’t start with 0x it is not a valid Ethereum address.

Yes it’s start to 0x
It is ok? I already nervous. … .