I want to edit some features for personal use

Greetings! As a novice developer diving into a web3 project, I’ve encountered a snag with the latest version of MetaMask. It’s proving to be quite heavy and buggy, taking an eternity to open on my laptop. Interestingly, version 10 runs smoothly, but it lacks a crucial feature: automatically opening a new tab when I launch the browser. Version 11, on the other hand, has this feature disabled.

(I want to disable the new tab opening everytime I open the browser in version 10. Should open tab only once when the browser is started)

I’m keen on retaining the efficient performance of version 10 while incorporating the automatic tab-opening functionality from version 11. Could someone lend a hand in tweaking the source code of version 10 to achieve this? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi welcome! Could you confirm what is the version 10. What source are you trying to look at?

I would like to add the functionality in version 10.35.1 of MetaMask-extension…

Hi I’m sorry I don’t think we would be able to help you going through the code of the oldest version. Please check Issues · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub if you see any existing issues with the oldest version. Why are you trying to work with 10.35.1 usually the recommendation would be to use the latest version which is 11.14.0 right now

Ok…I have another issue…

“Is there a method, such as a JavaScript code, to clear all recent transactions in the MetaMask extension? Sometimes, when I connect to MetaMask, it displays previous transactions that I missed during my last swap attempt.”

Could you clarify where would you like to clear them under activity, where do you see them in UI?

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