I want to move my NFT’s out of MM wallet

My NFT’s are stuck with a hacked MM wallet. Been like this since last June. opensea and MM support have been zero help! There seems to be no solution to recover a collection because you need ETH in the wallet to move the NFT’s. Only a fool would refund his hacked wallet. Seems unfathomable that OS and MM never had a solution for this. I have heard from many others with the same issue. Plus last I checked they have to be moved individually. We should be allowed to move these for free or MM or OS paying the fee.

It is one thing to have lost my funds to MM lax security but now they want more $$ to recover NFT’s AND with no viable solution to do this.

Hey @lagunacat, sorry to hear this has happened.

You can try reaching out to a whitehat hacker team to see if they can do anything for you in this situation.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

I received an email from a supposed MM support team member. Discourse email. Told me to contact him in Telegram. Said he had a solution. That I should upgrade my wallets. Some link that had wallet spelled Waliet. Scam?
Also another email that reeks of a hacker. Screenshots

This is a scam.

MetaMask team will never contact you or ask to contact you through Telegram. You can also immediately tell by the email ending in gmail.com

Watch out for those scammers :imp:

Sadly I get more responses from scammers than real support. :cry:

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