Imported Ronin Wallet to Metamask but ETH not showing

As the title stated, this is what happened. I actually sent my ETH using Metamask directly without using a bridge which is actually my mistake. I tried to look for a solution here and the most direct solution was to import the Ronin Wallet into Metamask using the private key. I was able to do this and import my Ronin wallet into Metamask but the ETH is still not showing and it has already been more than 24 hours. Please I would really appreciate some help on this, I am totally lost :frowning:

Please see transaction ID: 0xd7e97ed6b8233859321d0ffb7811561ea2fa59076bd1637ce3aea534d9d02b5f

Hi there! I’ve made the same mistake! Did you find a solution?

Thank you

Hi there! May I know if there is any solution for this? My AXS is showing but I could not transfer back to my main account. Please help!