Importing Mulitle Accounts from "data storage limit"

I am very frustrated after I just got a “data storage limit” notification on my metmask that I essnetially overload the parameters of the software! You need to let me know this is possible. I have done nothing wrong and this is very aggravating getting all those coins back. I have 6t diffreent accounts associated with the one metmask seed phrase. This was my understanding. I deleted and uploaded the app again and added the secret recovery phrase that was good. I uploaded one acount that has the coins showing on the poo coin app. I am not loading the custom coins again they are on the blockchain ledger. My question is that I am not sure I have six different private keys for these accounts and this is outrageous if I can’g get access to them through no fault of my own. Do I just import them with the number on the accoutn? I have them all in my favorites on my desktop. Do they not all have the private key? This is clearly not fair to me and I want all of these accounts restored. This should not have happened and I am trying not get upset again. I have done nothing but play fairly. The see phrase worked. I need to add and have access to all the other five accounts! This is history I am making. The intl bankers should already be on the phone with me.

This going to be the greatest lawsuit in history if I can’t get access to those added accounts becasue the storage limit was reached through no fault of my own.


It sounds like you had one wallet (tied to one Secret Recovery Phrase) with multiple (6) accounts in it, correct?

If so, this is an easy fix. You want to click the ‘Create an Account’ button in your menu. This will restore accounts in the same order. You may have to add your tokens back in, or confirm you’re on the corresponding network to your tokens, but you can at least cross check the addresses that appear on a blockchain explorer or using the new Portfolio dApp:

Here is a MetaMask Knowledge Base article that also shared how to add missing accounts after restoring with your SRP.

Let us know if you have any issues, need any further assistance.


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