Impossible to swap on KuCoin Chain


KuCoin just released its new Chain KCC.

With the Android app, it is impossible to swap Tokens on exchanges on that chain like Koffeeswap or Kuswap. The app tell me there is not enough gas to process the transaction, whatever the amount of KCS I want to swap.

For eg. I have 1 KCS (native Token of the Chain), If I want to swap for 0.5 KCS to any Token on the chain I get a window telling me I have not enough gas (0.00015 KCS).

On PC there is no issue. It is only on the Android app. It is very annoying because I dont have access during the day to a PC.

Thank you do much

It works now. I guess developpers made a fix. Thanks

How ere you able to fix this? I am having the same issue I’ve moved KCS back and forth from Kucoin, Metamask and trust wallet and still can’t connect to koffeeswap properly