Incorrect Cash Translation/Missing Money

Hello! I had recently bought ETH under Metamask using Wyre. I had bought 129$ worth and the fees were around 16$. When the coin was transferred to my wallet, it had showed as 0.05172 ETH but had displayed that it was only 30$. I had wanted to buy a coin with this but I only got a small portion using the “30$” of ethereum assuming it was a bug. I had got 300M crypto from that, but on another account using the same costs, I had gotten 1.2B crypto (Akita/Uniswap). And when I performed that transaction were I got the correct amount, Metamask displayed 187$ when I had only used around 140$ in the swap. Basically, what I need help understanding, is why on my other account it showed as when I bought 187$ worth, it appeared correctly, but when I had purchased 129$ worth on my second account, It appears as 30$. I can attach all of the screenshots and transaction receipts.