Help me ,please, and explain what's wrong

Hello. I sent the coin mooi(14) to the MetaMask wallet, connected to the network and now I have a private network and 14 ether displayed. After that, I transferred a small amount to the exchange during the day, nothing came, but the ether was written off and the cost was according to the exchange rate, after what I did not understand what to do, when I went to MetaMask from a PC, I already had this network, but it was not private and there was no eth, but mooi (0.00) I sent almost 1 eth from the phone, almost $ 1800, but 1 mooi arrived on the PC, the cost of which 0.5$, I don’t understand how this happens, I would be grateful for help or an explanation as to why?!


Hello @Sonaldo !
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Can you provide a hash of your transactions and describe the sequence of your actions point by point?


When I made a transaction in a mobile device hash is not displayed, it simply is not, you can only see my address and the recipient. When I enter into the purse from the PC displayed the same network, but its currency in tokens mooi, and on the phone - in ETH, but the PC 0 tokens, but the phone 13.9 eth.



Have you made a transaction on the Ethereum Mainnet network?
If yes you can view all activity and transaction hashes for your address in etherscan.


I wanted to transfer money to the exchange binance.I haven’t received any money and I don’t have a hash.
Did not transfer to Ethereum Mainnet network.



Please reach out to our support at .
Choose the blue ‘Start a Conversation’ bubble.

Once you click Start a conversation a live chat bot will appear on your screen. It will give you an automated response at first, but afterwards you should be able to contact the support team directly.


Unfortunately i didn’t find my problem.I’ll try explain it again.
I got 13.9 eth coins on private network.I tried to withdraw them to binance, but the transaction is not written hash, only my and the recipient’s account, so I did not get anything to binance. Later I logged into the purse MetaMask from a PC, I have the same network, but instead of efirium token is written mooi, but the balance is 0 tokens, but a mobile device says that I have 13.9eth in this network.


Hi @Sonaldo what is a private network? :thinking: can you send some screenshots of your MetaMask wallet?

Where did you get 13,9 eth? :sweat_smile: i need too.

When you send eth to binance :slightly_smiling_face: you have to check the supported networks for eth here:



  1. What do you mean when you say private network?
  2. What browser are you using and from what source was the extension downloaded?

I participated in the airdrop from mooi.Later added their network in MetaMask, and just a couple of days ago I received 13.9 eth on this network.



This is the best Airdrop of the year :smile: just kidding, sorry man.

It won’t be ETH but something else :slightly_smiling_face: 11.999 MOOI

Can you send some screenshots of how you set up this private network?

I mean this:

1 MOOI = 0.25$


Yes, I understand that it is not ETH, but why the balance on the PC 0, and the phone 13.9 ETH.




I don’t know :smile:

You see the same eth address :point_right: (0x1ffB…2f5F) on the computer as on mobile?
You must have a correctly configured MOOI network.

Network name is: MOOI Network

Currency symbol: MOOI

Block explorer URL:


yep, i see the same adress

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Check your network settings :slightly_smiling_face: or try another browser and MetaMask :fox_face: wallet

I got 0.002 MOOI :rofl: not one cent hehe


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