Info for Metamask to CoinBase exchange

Hey everyone, i receive 0.07 eth on Kovan, and i send to my coinbase exchange.
The transfer is confirmed, but on my coinbase exchange i dont have the 0.07 eth
So i would like to know the time who take for the transaction
Thx to all people who help me

Hello, is the chain you transferred to coinbase eth chain?

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Yes it is an eth chain

Check whether your metamask has been sent successfully. If it is sent successfully, please provide your transaction hash and I’ll check it for you. Thank you


Kovan is an Ethereum test network :slightly_smiling_face: crypto on the test networks have no value.

PS: Coinbase exchange not support Kovan network.


So just i lost my eth right ?

Kovan ETH = 0 :moneybag:
Kovan faucet is free for everyone.


Damn okey thx a lot bro

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