iOS Browser Cache - BUG

iPhone XR, fully updated, not jailbroken. The MetaMask iOS app browser will not clear it’s cache. I’ve cleared the three cache related setting in the app. I’ve restarted my iphone and swiped up to kill the app process. Nothing will clear the cache. Other browsers show new content. Tried switching from wifi to lte and back, nothing works.

Please help! Our dapp can’t be updated if the end users in MetaMask are stuck with old cached content.

Hello, IOS client can clear the cache. Please clear the cache through metamask wallet settings - Security and privacy - clear browser history / clear browser cookies in metamask wallet


I did. Those options do not work. this is why I’m posting for help.

app version v5.0.1 (877)

Are you getting any error messages? Can you share some screenshots that may be helpful?

There are no screenshots to share. The site has been updated but some buttons don’t work and text labels are wrong. This has happened before. I believe it will fix itself once Metamask pushes a new iOS app update. But we can’t wait for Metamask to update their app just to clear local cache.

If the issue is that the buttons on your site don’t work and text labels are wrong, it may not be a clearing cache issue.

Are you getting any error messages when you click the buttons? How are the text labels wrong?

Code was changed on the site. A button wasn’t working. You click the button and nothing happens. No errors. There is a text label that was updated but the old text still shows. So there was backend code changes and front end UI code changes. Firewall cache cleared and disabled. Other browsers are fine. Metamask browser will not refresh.

Using desktop Chrome browser in the Inspect mode you can emulate iPhone mobile. Everything works fine there as wall.

I see, so only an issue on MetaMask app browser.

Can you create an issue on their GitHub repo?


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