Is there a way to save your Metamask chrome extension password?

I’m trying to save my password in google chrome, Firefox already does that. But i have some burn wallets in google chrome, is there any way to achieve that?

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Hello @Balbs, welcome to MetaMask community!

I wouldn’t advise anyone to save their important passwords in their browsers, as that’s not very safe. Other than that, if you do want to save them, you should be able to do it in Chrome too. Try tweaking the settings for it, or check if it’s been set to not save the password for MetaMask page. Open MetaMask extension in extended view and go from there.

As extra info for you.

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Its a burn wallet, there is nothing important there…i cant find options to set password in extended view, chrome see it like an extension and not a page

Would the section of this blog titled ‘using browser profiles’ possibly link you to the spot in Chrome that can help achieve something similar? It’s towards the bottom, for some reason link to highlight wouldn’t work for me on this -

In relation autofill password not. But it’s a nice content about manage multiple MM accounts.

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Argh, sorry. thought maybe the spot it shares to go to on Chrome would hold the info. I do not know of a way to do this.

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