Kart Racing League - I won a Racer auction but it won't show in my MetaMask wallet

I placed some bids on Racers in the kart racing leauge marketplace. I won 3 of theese auctions. One that i paid for with ETH and two that I paid for with Matic. I have also “Claimed” these at the Dashboard page according to their instructions. It says it can take up to 24h before these will appear in your wallet but it has been several days now and I can’t see anything in my wallet. I have added the “RACE”-token according to their FAQ and I see it but the balance is still 0. Have I done someting wrong or why can’t I see my RACE tokens or my Racers as NFTs? Have anyone some experinence with Kart Racing Leauge racer auctions?

Do you have the transaction hashes to confirm these transactions were made?

Make sure to also have your MetaMask wallet configured to the same network of these transactions and that you are on the same address.

Hi, I bought one with ETH on Ethereum Main Network and I can see the transaction as “Smart contract interaction” under transaction history in MetaMask app and as “Auction Start” (when I placed my bid) and “Auction End” (when I claimed it) on Etherscan. When I did this I was only on Ethereum Main Network.

Then I placed some more bids but on with MATIC on the Matic Mainnet. These I can see on Polygonscan as “Auction start” and Auction End" or “Bid” but my Transaction History in MetaMAsk app is empty.