Kcc-mainnet still

So is there like a support email metamask has? Clearly my posts are gonna keep getting deleted when i ask to get my money back, its quite annoying having my money stuck while everyone ignores me. Please respond with the support email if you have

Hi @Dusty_murph sorry men :upside_down_face: there is chaos. On this forum is a lot stupid scammers
and you have to post to the right section :slightly_smiling_face: otherwise the admin will delete it.

Open your profile https://community.metamask.io/u/Dusty_murph/preferences/profile enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment.

I’ll send you some KCS :smile: I bought some KCS today.

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Ok thank you so much, much respect for you and sorry for coming off mad🙏🏻

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OK :slightly_smiling_face: I sent you 0.00123 KCS :smile: that’s enough for few transactions.

Don’t forget to copy the KCC address :point_down: on page Kucoin

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Much appreciated​:pray:t2::pray:t2:


Good luck :grinning:

good luck

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