Can’t transfer USDT/KCS out of my account

Hi! I… I have only USDT-KCS coins that I accidentally sent to my safemoon wallet from Kucoin and have no way to get them back to KCC to recover them as the gas fees require KCS funds which I cannot add through Safemoon (based in New York). Help please!

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Hi @blacksmith77 you mean this wallet? :point_down: you imported a private key into MetaMask :fox_face: wallet?


I sent you 0.001 KCS :slightly_smiling_face: with 0.001 KCS, you can do 10 basic transactions on KuCoin Community Chain network.

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Thank you so much !
Yes I mean wallet , I imported into MetaMask to recover

I tried sending back to KuCoin a few hours ago and it is still stuck in ‘submitted’. It does not refresh in the explorer… is this normal?
Receiving address was USDT-KCC. I did not customize gas

Edit: I clicked the second button for explorer in details and only saw this :

[0x9b6aab3c272dc3d7855ee9280fe0f3cc85c7a648237a812d66ac9a9c411f5114](https explorer kcc io/en/tx/0x9b6aab3c272dc3d7855ee9280fe0f3cc85c7a648237a812d66ac9a9c411f5114)

Block Height

[4979783](https explorer kcc io/en/block/4979783)


2021-11-21 03:23:52





Amount Transacted

0.001 KCS


0.000042 KCS

This kcc explorer makes me angry :sweat_smile: Server response timed out :see_no_evil:

Try it later :slightly_smiling_face: and set the gas limit to: 200000 :rocket:


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Hello pending swap 2 days. What can h do ?

Hey @Lona, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

For your pending transaction, you can either wait, speed up, or cancel it. Here’s some more info on our Knowledge Base:

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