Ledger issue, "Please enable Contract data" but it's ALREADY ENABLED, and enabling "debug data" fixes it

Has anyone seen this MetaMask + Ledger issue:

  1. you’ve already enabled “contract data” on Ledger
  2. but, MetaMask RPC errors with “please enable contract data”
  3. strangely, enabling “debug data” on Ledger allows the transaction to go through with no RPC error

Importantly, this happens reliably with some Web3 apps, but not others. For example, this happens reliably on mint.mallows.xyz (our NFT project, this is not an advertisement), but not Uniswap.

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OMG! Thanks for that because I was having exactly the same issue and was going into despair :slight_smile:

Glad to help!

Hopefully, an expert may tell us why some dapps cause this issue, but not other dapps :open_mouth: