Ledger Live Unsupported Tokens

Hi, I’m wondering how to transfer unsupported tokens from my ledger to another wallet.

I have the correct app installed in ledger live but the token just isn’t showing. I use MetaMask as a ‘gateway’ to view all the tokens on my ledger and I actually have 3 like this which don’t show up in ledger live and at the minute I have no means of accessing them.

If I try to transfer from MetaMask the address on my ledger to verify is actually the corresponding token contract address not the wallet address I input.

Any help / advise really appreciated

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Can you clarify what you mean by this? You should be able to send those tokens using MetaMask, just copy and paste the wallet address you would like to send the tokens to.


Hi, thanks for the reply and hopefully the below explains a little more.

For clarity the tokens are stored on my ledger and ledger live doesn’t support the 3 tokens in question and as such there is no record of them in ledger lives history. I also have the correct apps in ledger live for the corresponding chains the tokens operate on. Other tokens are showing so the apps seem to be working fine. It would appear that these 3 tokens are simply not supported by ledger live.

I use MetaMask to view all the tokens I hold on my ledger, both supported in ledger live and non supported, the 3 tokens in question appear fine in MetaMask no problems.

I am able to transfer all other tokens except these 3 using ledger live, no problems whatsoever.

So I am able to transfer these tokens to my ledger but now I have the problem of transferring from my ledger back to a wallet.

As above MetaMask shows these tokens no problem but when I go to transfer out to my wallet, after inputting the correct wallet address into MetaMask, the address my ledger asks me to verify is not the address I inputted and has changed to what turns out to be the corresponding tokens contract address which means I cannot approve the transaction - Thus my tokens are still on my ledger

Hope that makes more sense and appreciate any more help


Thanks for clarifying.

Your Ledger is likely asking to verify the token you are sending with its contract address and it does not mean that is the intended recipient address. But to confirm, I would reach out to Ledger support at https://support.ledger.com/ since this shows up on your Ledger device.


Hi and thanks again

Unfortunately I drew a blank with Ledger as well, I’ve copied and pasted their response below.

Looks like back to the drawing board, otherwise the 3 tokens will just forever be stuck on my ledger.

Ledger support response:
“I would like to inform you with regret that if a particular coin or token is not currently supported in Ledger Live, as per the list of available supported coins and tokens, there is no option to receive and manage those assets within Ledger Live. However, you can explore alternative options such as utilizing a third-party wallet to access and manage those funds. Unfortunately, this is how Ledger Live functions in such cases.”

Just an update:

So I tried a very small transaction and verified the address given on the ledger (The tokens contract address which I believed would mean I lost the tokens) and in a nutshell all was fine and the tokens transferred to my hot wallet no problem.

For reference I was unable to find anywhere online to explain this but it appears that when using MetaMask for transferring from a ledger the address asked to verify is the contract address - if using ledger live the address asked to verify is the actual alternative wallet address.

Thanks @nakedwinnie for your responses


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