Transfer from my wallet to my ledzer wallet missing tokens


I bought an amount of tokens on Bsc.The correct amount was in my wallet at the beginning. After, i transfer the tokens in my ledzer wallet (not supported token) which is the same as metamask.I did it 3 times.After that, i have seen my tokens decreased in my wallet while the transaction in Bsc scan is completed.Why i can’t see the right amount of tokens?There is a glitch that i have to correct or something else?How can i proceed in order to add the missing amount of tokens again in my metamask wallet?Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Antonio. I don’t know how to upgrade my wallet.Could you please tell meore concerning this?

By the way thank you for your reply!

Don’t thank these two for their replies. They are there to send you viruses to steal your seeds.


you mean ledger ?
You need to manually add unsupported tokens to your wallet. The address of the contract that uses these tokens.

Just in case you need the steps on how to add custom tokens: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

You can view the public information about your wallet or a specific transaction with a blockchain explorer. (I use for the Binance Smart Chain.)

This article is specific to Etherscan, but the way info is displayed in a pretty similar way.

If you’d like help reading the blockchain explorer, you can post a transaction hash, and we can help decipher it.

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