Loading tokens message showing on Metamask

When trying to open my metamask wallet on chrome extension, my tokens do not show. Instead, all I get is “loading tokens”. My tokens show up fine on etherscan. How do I fix this? I’m trying to trade tokens and can not do it. Very frustrating.

Metamask has worked great since I downloaded the extension in Chrome several months ago. And I can see the transactions on Etherscan so I know they are still there. But now under Metamask assets I only can see the ETH position which is updating price so I know the extension is connected to the internet. Under the ETH position, it used to list my tokens. Now it says Loading Tokens but no tokens are showing up. I appreciate any help you can give me. I submitted a report to customer support but understand that they are slow to respond.

I just found the answer to the problem. I right clicked on the fox in my browser and got a pop up saying “this can read and change site data”. Then I put my cursor on that and I got another pop up where I changed the selection to “on all sites”. Then my tokens showed up. Hope this helps others.

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