"Loading Tokens"

For 36 hours, my Metamask wallet won’t load my tokens; it just says: “Loading tokens” The only token it shows is Ethereum; all the other tokens are not showing up.

Would love some help around this; I hope I am not losing my tokens.

Thank you.


Hi, must save Your private seed phrase :point_right: https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015290032-How-to-Reveal-Your-Seed-Phrase

Test your private seed phrase in other browsers: Metamask+Firefox or Metamask+Brave…
When everything is ok :smile: reinstall old metamask wallet.

I had the same problem:

And did what you said and loaded my Metamask on Brave but now it looks like all my other tokens than Ethereum are gone! What can I do?

My Metamask on Brave:

Pundi X has been removed from metamask or is still showing up on token lists??

I very love metamask forever

This is what I found -
To Ensure MetaMask can show the tokens on the etheraddress, you need to RightClick on the Extension in the address bar and select -

  • “This can read and change data”
    • “On all sites”
      If it is less than this it won’t show the tokens and you won’t be able to transfer them!