Brave Wallet - All showing ETH Tokens for networks

Hi i am having an issue with my wallet displaying all tokens as ETH even when they are on seperate networks. My chrome MM wallet is ok and setup the same way but i cannot send any tokens from the wallet as it thinks its sending ETH. It will recieve tokens though.


Thanks for your help. im not sure if its somthing i have done but looks more like a glitch. Not sure if i should put in the seed phrase to start it over again and whether that will help

@Benjamin15790 don’t open that dappstalks page :warning: it’s a SCAM

Thanks Luigi. Do you have any idea how to rectify the problem.

@Benjamin15790 Save your MetaMask seed phrase + if you have Imported accounts private key
and uninstall and again install the MetaMask :fox_face: wallet

Thanks mate, i’ll try that now, i haven’t found anything else that would work. cheers

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