Lost DRK Tokens and Need help to recover my old metamask address


I’m unsure how I lost my DRK Tokens. I forgot my pw and input my secret recovery phrase to recover my account but it shows new address. I still have a copy of my old metamask address where I purchased the DRK through Draken Exchange website.

Can you please help me how to recover my old metamask account??? PLEASE :frowning:
Your response is much appreciated.



Is this resolved? I also encountered this problem. I am using my android phone to access MM. I have DRK and binemon NFT’S there.

My draken tokens and binemons assets are missing too. Contacted metamask’s customer support already and they can not see any funds or transactions happened in my account. I hope this is only a bug and will be fixed asap.

Me too. Is there any possibility to contact and retrieve my account?